Life’s full of choices and regrets. Regrets of making a certain choice, regrets of not making a certain choice.

But isn’t every regret a learning experience? What’s a life that doesn’t have regrets? A life not lived.

Job searching is similar, you have to make choices and some of these choices you will regret.

Say you were to take a position that was 30 minutes too far and pay comparable to your old position. That could be something you could regret, but how would you know if you didn’t give it shot?

Your regrets makes you stronger. It is a great teacher. Remember when we were little, and our parents told us not to touch the hot stove. Most of us touched it anyways, and we burned ourselves. Wasn’t that a great lesson on not to touch the hot stove?

You might have regretted that decision, but it taught you something.

Take risks, get out of your comfort zone. That’s where growth happens. Take that start-up job, or bet on yourself with a commission sales job. Fail, regret it and learn from it.

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