Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are always weird. You sit down with your boss usually once a year to talk about your performance for the entire past year. What? I mean why not give active feedback?

I get it, most managers are stretched so thin they can’t sit down with everyone all the time. But if I did something wrong today, I don’t want to sit on it and marinate it over time. The best time for me to fix something that I did wrong is when I did it.

Almost a year later is redundant since I won’t remember exactly what happened and what I could have done better.

Directors in large organizations have a certain number of “exceeds expectations” review they can give within the department. And if your bonus is dependent on it, you know you are screwed.

While there is a purpose to them, they should be more focused on the goals for next year and where you want to go within the company. It shouldn’t be about all the things that you should have done. Because those conversations need to be had periodically.

If you as an employee are looking for a raise or a promotion, you need to keep track of what you have done during the year. Start a journal or mark it down on the calendar. Asking for the raise or promotion is a conversation you need to have before your performance review.

You need to be prepared for both a positive and a negative outcome.

How to navigate this will be featured in the next article


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