Staffing Revolution

The staffing industry contributes to over $400 billion globally in revenue. This means that staffing companies made that much money in revenue. Just US alone is a $130 billion industry. That’s over a quarter of the total revenue.

When Dr. King created the civil rights movement it didn’t happen overnight. Nothing great or big happens overnight. Why am I talking about the civil rights movement? Because a lot of people want change in the hiring process and they want change this yesterday.

“It should have already happened.” I hear this all the time. Should it have? Maybe. But changing the way people hire is comparable to turning the Titanic around. It will take time to move it around.

In the last decade we have seen the “iceberg” and a lot of companies have started to push the Titanic around. It only has moved a foot though.

When you think about big staffing companies that have been around for over 50 years and say “they are going to go out of business soon” is similar to saying Microsoft is going out of business soon. It’s not going to happen.

Now you might say, “well that’s what Blockbuster thought too.” Yeah but Blockbuster didn’t stay with the times. These companies are constantly evolving based on the trends.

Do these companies need to change the way they treat their employees and candidates? Sure, but it’s not going to happen overnight.

When I started working for one of the largest staffing company in the industry my training consisted of people constantly telling me we are in business of humans. We work with people’s livelihood. We make a mistake in making the wrong match and we have messed with someone’s ability to put food on their table. What the people in individual offices did is a different story.

Is the revolution coming? No, that’s because it’s already happening. You are only hearing about it now because it’s at the height of the “revolution”

The hiring process will always change and evolve, because it is based on humans and we constantly change and evolve.

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