How to spot fake candidates.

There is a pool of bad recruiters. There is a pool of fake recruiters. There is a pool of fake candidates.

Many recruiters deal with fake candidates. “Candidates” who apply to jobs, but aren’t real people. Recruiters get them all the time.

We get applicants or find resumes on job boards. They have all the skills we are sourcing for. Even the ones that are hard to find. Could it be? Did the recruiting gods bless us with this “perfect” candidate?

We call them, ask for them on the phone. The voice on the other side says, “Yes, they are my consultant. They are no longer available, but I have other candidates available.”

Ugh, why recruiting gods? why couldn’t this candidate be real?

All cynicism and drama aside, this is a very real scenario in many high tech roles.

Now how do you spot the fake ones? Over the years, I have figured out a cheat sheet. It works 90% of the time.

They don’t have last names on the resume

They have some obscure email id i.e.

Their resume’s just end with just the right amount of experience

They hide their education information. They will list their MBA but not where they got it from or that they have a Bachelor’s

These are a few hacks that I have come up with so far. Keep an eye out, if the candidate is too good to be true, they probably are.

Not saying you shouldn’t call and double-check since my hacks aren’t 100% but just be aware.

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