K to the P to the I’s

“We want more KPI’s.” Said no recruiter or sales person every.

We don’t like KPI’s. No one likes KPI’s. That is no one except the management and people who don’t have to meet them.

When one is new, KPI’s can be helpful. I remember when I first started recruiting, KPI’s were super helpful. It helped me measure my “success” so to speak. I didn’t know what I was doing, and this helped me stay on track.

But when you have been doing the job for a little bit and been with a company for years, you shouldn’t have to worry about KPI’s.

Large agencies, hold KPI’s so close to their hearts that they lose good employees. Here is why your company shouldn’t push KPI’s.

They are already performing. They are doing what they need to be doing and more to bring in the revenue.

Pushing KPI’s on them can seem as you don’t trust them to do their jobs.

KPI’s to people who do their job usually look like upper management has nothing better to do so they come up with new and inventive ways to seem busy.

I mean are you really tracking whether I made 80 calls today? What if I made 10 but filled 5 positions?

We are so much about the quantity that we forget about quality. I can make 5 calls but if those 5 calls are to viable leads, isn’t that better than 20 voicemails I leave that may or may not return my calls?

I am not saying do away with KPI’s, for some people they are needed. I am saying stop pushing new KPI’s every week that confuse the ever living crap out of your people.

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