Employer Brand!

Every hiring “expert” tells all companies to have employer brands. Most of the advice is pretty much the same. Bean bags, open space, beer kegs, and more.

What is your brand? Bean bags and such are a tiny part of your brand.

The bigger aspect is your reputation. How you treat your employees.

How you treat your candidates.

You can have all the beer kegs and bean bags but if you have a lengthy hiring process, that’s a bad brand.

What do your employees say about you? What are your reviews? What does the word of mouth say about your company?

Do you enforce 60-80 hour work weeks but give free lunch? Do you offer great health benefits but your environment is so stressful that people lose their sleep over it?

Your employer brand is more than the perks and benefits you offer.

It’s how you treat your current and future employees.

Do you have 5 interviews that are all 5 hours long? Do you expect candidates to jump through hoop and hurdles just to get an interview?

I know, you can’t interview everyone that applies, but are you losing qualified candidates because you can’t make your mind up about whether or not to hire a qualified candidate? Culture is built around people, don’t build your people around the hypothetical culture you think you have.

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