How the heck do you on-board someone properly?

Onboarding a new employee properly is so important. It’s not just for the show effect, but also to ensure their success.

Showing the new employee their desk and bathroom is not enough. Seriously people, do we think that that’s the only thing the new employee is going to need?

The first few days/months are very crucial to an employees success. There are many things we can do ensure they are successful in the job.

      1. Do they have a meeting scheduled with all the people they are going to be interacting with on a daily basis? Key managers and colleagues.

      2. Do they have an org chart of the key player in the company? Do they have an org chart for their team?

      3. Do they have a working computer?

      4. Have you scheduled a 1-1 meeting/lunch during their first week to see how they are doing?

      5. Have you built a buddy system, where they have someone they can ask questions like where is the supply closet? Where is the coffee maker?

      6. Did they get a tour of the new office? Do they know how to reach you if they have questions?

      7. Have you scheduled a meeting with HR for them? You know for all the paperwork they need to do.

We are so often bewitched by the term onboarding experience that we forget we actually forget that there are key things an employee needs to be successful.

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