Us vs Them

In the hiring process, there is often a view of Us VS Them. It’s hiring managers vs the recruiters vs the candidates.

Right now there is a lot of friction in the hiring process. Candidates dislike recruiters, think they are the scum of the earth. Recruiters sometimes don’t like the hiring managers.

Instead of working like a well-oiled machine, all these parts try to work against each other. It’s as if Thanos used the infinity stones against each other instead of utilizing all of their combined power together.

What can you as a Job Seeker, Recruiter, or hiring manager do about it? Think of the other person as a partner instead of your public enemy number one.

Candidates – Recruiters and HR aren’t your enemy. If you can, make them your friend. A good recruiter by your side that will tell you the honest truth can be the difference between your next job being the best or the worst one yet.

Recruiters – Call the candidate back. You owe it to them, especially if they interviewed with the client. Even if you don’t have feedback, you need let them know that you don’t have feedback. Stop treating them like a product, they are human.

Hiring Managers – The 7+ week long hiring process is only hurting you. Good candidates will find a better role before you finish your second interview. Let Recruiters know what you are looking for and give them feedback on what you didn’t like about the candidate so can find you what you are looking for.

Let’s stop punishing people for the sins of a few. Treat people like you would want to be treated. Remember when you were in their shoes or imagine yourself in their shoes, this will help you be a better communicator.

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