A Diverse Workforce

There is a push to create a more diverse workforce. Companies and policy makers alike want more women and POC in the workforce. Specifically in the tech industry.

I often wonder why now? Maybe we are more aware? Or maybe the people are demanding it. Whatever the case maybe, it’s always an interesting and controversial topic to bring up.

When companies have a diversity initiative it irks me. Why does there need to be an initiative? Why not hire the best person for the job, regardless of their race, religion or gender.

But then I realize that there are people who wont hire people because of their personal preference for whatever reason.

There needs to be an active effort to hire people of color and women. However, are we losing the best qualified person in the process? I don’t just mean that in POC or women. Let’s say that you have a diversity hire for a specific position, will you as the employer or manager not hire someone who is equally qualified but is not a person of color or a woman or vice versa?

Is discrimination a real thing? Absolutely. Is sexism a real thing? Absolutely. I have experienced it myself before, but I wasn’t bitter. I did something about it. I left that job and found a company/manager who won’t judge me because I am a woman or a POC.

This issue isn’t one dimensional. There are many layers to it. Making our workforce more diverse is similar to turning the Death Star around. It’s going to take time, effort, and energy. It’s not as easy as a politician saying, “companies need more POC and women in varied roles.” It’s a much larger issue that no one but the hiring managers, executives and companies can solve.

If you think about it, look at our Senate and House of Representatives, how many POC and women do we have in there? And these are people who are elected by us. Take a moment, think about it. I am not trying to get political but you can’t demand diverse workforce from one side of our mouths and then not elect them to represent us.

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