Why do you want to work for us?

We have been talking a lot about how to apply for jobs. How you should be researching the companies you are applying to.

We aren’t saying that just to be annoying. It has a purpose. You shouldn’t, and I repeat, you shouldn’t apply to every job out there.

Even if you do, before your interview you NEED to do a lot of research about the company, and the person you are interviewing with.

Almost every interview will have this question: “Why do you want to work for us?”

If you haven’t done your research, what are you going to tell them?
“Oh because I want a new job” “I want someone to sponsor my visa” “I don’t want to work 100 hours a week”

This absolutely doesn’t tell the interviewer why you are excited about their role and their organization.

When I interviewed at DriveTime, I had researched the company. While meeting with the Assistant Director of recruiting, I mentioned how they had changed from UglyDuckling. This surprised the Assistant Director, and he asked me if I was a Arizona native because not a whole lot of people knew about this.

Just to find a new job might be a good enough reason for you to interview with that company, but you need to show that you care about the organization. What about the organization made you apply there?

Find out things about the role and company. What gets you excited about this job that you don’t have at your current job?

Craft your answer. Would you work for a company that didn’t have purpose? Or wasn’t in the field that got you excited? Even if you are looking for a new job to put food on your table, you still have to navigate this question.

Figure out the “why” for wanting to work at this specific organization and tell the interviewer that.

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