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Working with a recruiter

Working with a recruiter, just like anything else can be a challenge. We have all heard the horror stories or even lived through them. Stories that often resemble to me as if the candidate is being chased by both Chucky and Jason at the same time. Do you have to work with a recruiter? Nope, not at all. Sometimes it’s easier to work directly with a company, especially if their hiring process is quicker. Other times it’s better to work with an agency. How do you know when to work with a recruiter vs when not to? It’s mainly situational. Many recruiters will have contracts with larger companies that are slower in moving. They will also have connections with smaller companies who don’t have an HR department. First comes research. Research the company and the role. See how long has the position been posted. If it’s been more than 30 days, more than likely the company is in final stages of finding their candidate. Can you apply? Sure, but be prepared to get no answer or a rejection. You can call your local recruiting agencies and see if they have relationship with that specific organization. Having relationships with a few different recruiters while you aren’t looking is the best strategy. That way you aren’t pressured into anything and know whether you want to work with a specific recruiter. When you are unemployed and desperate, it can become harder to chose from. While researching you want to check out the interview feedback of a particular company. How long does the interview process take? Does anyone mention about how long it took the recruiter before contacting them? A lot of people will tell you it’s a numbers game. Sure, it is. The more you apply the higher chances of you finding the one. But the direct correlation to that is also the number of rejections and non-responses you get. If you aren’t putting at least 30 minutes of research into each position that you apply to, you are casting a wide net in sea of plankton hoping you will land that white shark. Working with a recruiter or not working with a recruiter is a very personal choice. Some of us are good and some of us are bad. But the best time to talk to a recruiter is when you are not actively looking. PS: Have a recruiter take you out to coffee, and get to know them.

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