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Why you might not be getting any calls

You have been applying for weeks, maybe even months, with barely any responses to your application. What is going on?

Before you go on assuming the worst of the recruiters or companies, it might be your resume.

Have you checked recently whether your resume has your contact information or not?

Is your phone number and email address on it? Have you called your number and made sure it’s not coming up with weird messages like “this number is not in service.” Or checked your voicemail to make sure that your voicemail box isn’t full?

How often do you check your voicemail or spam box in your email?

Quite often I have seen people complaining that they aren’t getting any calls and when I look at their resume, they have none of their contact information listed on it. Why? I would understand it if you were posting your resume on the job board, but if you are applying to individual jobs, your phone number and email address should be on your resume.

You should have various versions of your resume. Two main ones, one for the job boards and one master one for applying. You can even create a separate email for job search. Email accounts are practically free. And the phone number, you can get a google number with a google account.

I get it, the minute you put your resume out there with your phone number, you get all sorts of calls from MLM schemes and what not. But when you are applying you should ensure you know about the company and apply with a resume that has your phone number and email address listed.

Contrary to popular belief, recruiters will call you if you put your contact information on your resume.

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