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Why you aren’t getting a call

I hear this all the time. “I am not getting any calls.”

I ask them for their resumes and see that they don’t have their phone numbers listed. Phone number on the resume you are applying with is very important. How do you expect to get calls if you don’t have your numbers listed?

I hear that candidates get a lot of spam calls from MLM businesses, and fake jobs. I empathize, it happened to me when I was searching for a job. But there is a simple solution to that. Don’t pick up every call you get. Or even if you do, you can screen within the first 5-10 minutes if this job is worth your while.

You are looking for a full-time job, you are going to have to screen through bad jobs and bad recruiters to eventually get to the one you want to talk to.

The other way is to have a different resume for your resume on job boards should be different from the one you apply to jobs with. You can list a master resume on job boards without a phone number. That’s an option. That resume should be different from all the other resumes you apply to jobs with.

Few things to make sure you have on your resume no matter where you apply for.

  1. Your legal first and last name

  2. Your phone number

  3. Your email address

  4. Your city, state, and zip

  5. Your LinkedIn Profile/Your website or portfolio (as applicable)

Make sure that your resume is complete, a resume without phone number is incomplete.

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