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Why Can’t You Just Get a Job?

“Just get a job”… “Just apply everywhere, someone has to call”… “It’s not that hard, just put yourself out there”…

These are a few phrases I hear from time to time that make me cringe a little. Being a recruiter, I know it’s not so easy to “just get a job”. Even when it’s entry-level work, there’s extensive processing (assessments, multiple interviews, background checks, drug screens, etc.). Sure, it might be easy to go down to the nearest gas station or super market and get hired on the spot **Side note, it’s not that easy to get hired at Taco Bell, I know from experience…** What about when you’re fresh out of college and are about to get all of those student loans coming due soon? Or what about if you have to make sure you make enough for the $600/mo rent, plus utilities, plus cell phone bill, plus credit card bills? Those part-time jobs are not going to supplement what you actually need to support yourself.

I know all of this sounds disheartening and not so motivational, but don’t give up hope. Ignore the pushy people telling you it’s easy to get a job and face the reality that it’s not. Go for something YOU want, a career YOU can see yourself in long term. Maybe that involves working the side jobs for now, but never stop going after your career. Update your resume every step of the way with your new experiences, make yourself relatable. The effort and persistence will pay off eventually, and utilize your friendly neighborhood recruiters! It’s literally our job to help you!

Happy job hunting!

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