Why aren’t you getting any calls?

You have applied to 100s of places. But are not getting any calls.

It might not be those pesky recruiters who want to disqualify you within 6 seconds.

It might be that you forgot to list your phone number on your application/resume. It might be that your voicemail box isn’t set up. The number you did provide is off by one number.

It happens, we make mistakes. Or another person makes mistakes. This weekend when I went to PetSmart to get more cat food, they asked for my phone number. I gave it to them, and they asked me to show my id but two people showed up with my number.

I freaked out. Did someone steal my identity? I checked credit karma, nope, everything was good there. The cashier told me that it could be an old number or someone might have entered the number incorrectly.

When you are applying, make sure you have the right number listed on your resume. Make sure that number can receive calls. Make sure your voicemail box is setup and is not full.

If you are actively looking, empty that bad boy everyday.

Don’t assume people are out to get you. They might be, but don’t just assume it.

Before you make assumptions, make sure you are doing everything correctly.

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