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Why a good resume matters

The resume is the first impression. The first thing that a recruiter/hiring manager is going to see from you.

If you don’t have a resume that accurately portrays how you are qualified for the job that you are applying for, you aren’t going to get far.

I am not talking about fancy fonts, fancy up do for your resume. I am talking about the basics.

You can have the best looking resume in the universe, including the ones from Aliens that we have never seen. But if you can’t connect the dots on how you fit with the job duties, it’s futile.

Look at the job posting, don’t just glance, but read over it. Figure out what skills/duties they need and how that aligns with what you have to offer. Now translate the skills/duties that they need into accomplishment of yours in the past.

Don’t lie. Let me repeat, DON’T LIE. If you don’t have a particular thing, don’t list it. If you haven’t touched it in the last 10 years, it’s most likely irrelevant.

Remember you are only going to get one shot at impressing someone the first time. Make it count.

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