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Titles- Do they matter?

Over the years I have seen both sides of the isle give too much emphasis on the title. “I only want candidates with this title.” “I only want jobs with this title.” But do these titles matter? Some might say yes. They show you how far along in their career they have come. They know how to handle certain responsibilities. Some might say no, since at the end of the day, it’s the job duties and what you have accomplished that matters more. Now which side is right? That depends on you as the manager or job seeker. What are you goals or priorities? If you have worked in a large organization with a Manager title, but that equates to a Director in a small organization, would that title be that important? On the flip side, if you have worked as a Director in a small organization but that equates to a Manager in a large organization like Amazon, would that title take you backwards in your career? I mean, you are working for Amazon. To me, as a recruiter, I look at your duties and accomplishments more than your title. If you as a job seeker want a different title, that’s something you have to decide, and let the recruiters you are working with know that.

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