• Tejal Wagadia

Thou shall not give wrong feedback

Giving feedback is important. Good or bad, the candidate needs to know. “But TJ, we already talked about this. We get it, giving feedback is important. ” I know, we already talked about this. I want to take this a step further though. Giving accurate feedback is important. We aren’t involved in the decision making process. We weren’t there when our candidate was interviewing. We would have loved to be a fly on the wall to know exactly what happened. But that’s not the reality of our lives. We have to communicate the feedback that was given to us by the hiring managers. It’s basically Chinese whispers. What happens when the client decides to move on and the feedback is that they aren’t a culture fit? Some of the team members in the interviewing process didn’t think that the candidate was relatable. You tell that to the candidate and they start reading in between the lines. They say to you, “it’s because I am old.”

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