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Things to Know About Recruiters

If you are working with a recruiter to try to land your next role, you will probably come across some that you really like working with and others who you despise and wonder how they are able to find anyone for anything. Don’t believe me? Read LinkedIn and you will see what I mean.

There are several things to know about recruiting and recruiters that can help make your experience a more positive one.

  1. There are great recruiters at “bad” companies and terrible recruiters at good companies. I have seen plenty of both in external and internal recruiting roles. Make sure you are not closing yourself off to an entire company because the recruiter you talked with is not good at what they are doing. The reverse is also true. Do your research and find out anything you can about a company as opposed to working with a good recruiter and believing the company must also be good.

  2. Recruiters can be your greatest asset or your biggest obstacle in landing the next role, so treat them that way. A good recruiter can help you find different roles at different companies even if you do not land the role you were originally after. Many tend to be well connected in their companies and with other companies as well. If you are turned down for one position, take it in stride and be appreciative of their efforts throughout so that you can be considered for others in the future. Bashing and being disrespectful because you don’t like the decision the hiring manager made is not the way to be. Recruiters tend to have long memories and talk with other recruiters. Again, this can be a good thing or a bad thing. You decide.

  3. Recruiters can’t always give you every piece of information you are looking for up front for a variety of reasons. This is regarding both internal and external recruiters. The clients for internal recruiters are their co-workers who are hiring managers. We may not be able to give you an extremely in depth view of what the job will look like on each day of the week. Sure, internal recruiters should have a good idea of the what the job is, what success in the job is, and a general understanding of what a new employee will do, but we are not in the job everyday so we may lack on the technical details. The clients for external recruiters are a variety of companies who need external help out for a variety of reasons. The recruiter may not be able to tell you exactly what company a potential opportunity is with. This could be because there is currently someone in the role, they role is remaining confidential for a certain time period, etc. As much as recruiters want to know everything and share all the information with candidates, sometimes we just can’t.

Remember these the next time you are speaking with a recruiter about a new opportunity, and make sure to be respectful whether you are interested or not. Why? Well one, it’s simply the right thing to do. And two, no matter how good or how bad the recruiter is, they often talk to other recruiters who could be the one handling the other open job that also happens to be your dream job. If they do happen to talk, make sure you give them something positive to talk about.

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