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Things they don’t tell you about job search

  1. It’s not easy. There was a time when one would open up the newspaper, find a job they were interested in, and apply in person. It’s no longer that case. Networking is the key to finding a job these days. If you are introvert, I have created an article geared specifically to that.

  2. It’s okay to say I don’t know. For a long time people have told us to ‘fake it till you make it’ however, sometimes it come and bit you. During an interview we want to make a good first impression but it’s okay to say ‘no, I don’t know that’ or ‘I will have some learning curve on that.’ If the company doesn’t appreciate it, that’s okay but at least you aren’t lying on the interview.

  3. It’s okay to reject an offer or ask for more time to consider it. If an employer can keep interviewing other people why can’t you? It’s not about being entitled, but you as an individual want to make the best decision for yourself. It’s okay to take a week to finish off the interviews to make sure that you know all the information.

  4. An average job process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Before you quit your job that you currently hate, are you ready financially to survive that long without an income?

Before you go listening to all the influencers, and people who claim to be recruiting/hiring expert, ask yourself, is that advice apply to you?

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