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The Truth in Recruitment Advertising

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know there are many companies in the hiring spaces making claims on both sides of the equations. Most of these claims on their part are false. Let’s take a closer look at them.


On the candidate side Monster, Indeed, ZipRecruiter claim to find you jobs as fast as the speed of light. I laughed when they put the ad with a Network Engineer finding a job. Yes, it is a candidate market. What that means is that there are more jobs posted out there then there are qualified candidates to fill them.

But Companies are still going to take the time if they want to. I have seen hiring process from 1 day to a couple of months. If you aren’t the right person for a few companies you won’t find a job at the pace of lightning.

These ads, leave out a lot of details. Most people aren’t going to find a job at lightning speed. For most people it will take time. It’s all about the bell curve. Sure there are outliers, but most people fall somewhere under the curve.


On the hiring side, these companies falsely advertise, that the companies will always get qualified applicants to choose from. Not just one or two, but multiples of. It’s as if the marketing team didn’t consult with people who perform this job day in and day out.

On average a job posting out there gets about 50-100 applicants. Out of that pool maybe 5-10 are even in the same field. You filter that further down. Maybe 1 person is what the hiring manager is looking for. And praise the deity up there if that person is offered the role and the person then chooses to accept.

Hiring and job search are complex. More complex than most people realize. It’s not apply to a job, and get the job. Or post a job and the right candidate will walk in the next day.

There are things that happen on both sides that the other side doesn’t realize. These ads forget about the resume, the ATS, the interview, the offer negotiation, the rejections. It really takes a snippet out of the process and claim that because they have created this awesome thing, things will work out. But most of the time it wont.

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