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The truth about marketing your candidates

Let’s get first thing out of the way. Recruiting is a business dealing with humans. You can’t sell humans. That’s called trafficking and it’s illegal and unethical. Now, that we have that out of the way. Let me let you in on a little secret of this industry. You HAVE to market your candidates out when they are looking. Many professionals I know get a big piece of their business by actively marketing their candidates. It’s not a bad thing. I mean why wouldn’t you do that? There is a candidate who is actively looking. They told us “Hey, find me a job. Here are the skill sets and you can market me.” We would be stupid not to. When this happens, we contact client who have hired similar skillsets from us in the past, or are currently looking for similar skillset. We take out your personal information i.e., name and current company as we don’t want to violate your confidentiality. If they like the candidate, they will let us know. If they like the candidate and can’t pay the money, they will most like find that candidate on their own. That’s their choice. Marketing a candidate is NOT a bad thing. Let’s say that the client likes the candidate but can’t/won’t pay the fee. There are two things that will likely happen.

  1. They will find the candidate themselves.

  2. They will let the recruiter know that they want the candidate but can’t afford the fee

If #1 happens that means they know who the candidate is. The recruiter didn’t do their due diligence to take out the candidates First and Last name and where they are currently working. But even then, they can still find similar candidates using their internal recruiters to save a few bucks. If #2 happens, the Recruiter and Client will enter negotiations. Don’t get me wrong, we want the money. Most of us are told to take the 15% fee vs no money at all. If no consensus is reached then the good recruiters will let the candidate know that they can apply themselves to the client. We don’t want to sour our relationship with either party. If you(the candidate) end up getting hired, it’s still good for us. Because we have now built the relationship with both parties showing good faith. Don’t let anyone tell you that being marketed is a bad thing. If you are asked or you ask to be marketed, that’s a good thing. That means you are in demand, people want you. You have so much control over it. However, as with anything else, there are bad recruiters out there who will be unethical. But just because there are a few rotten apples, doesn’t mean all apples are rotten. You as the candidate have to sort out the good from the bad. We as recruiters, have to separate ourselves from the bad ones.

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