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The Referral Refusal!

The recruiting industry strives on referrals. Anyone who has been in this industry for enough time knows how important referrals are. Recruiters and Sales people work very hard to build enough trust and a relationship where their candidates and clients send them referrals. I refer people to jobs all the time. If I see someone is hiring for a position and I know of a great candidate, I will refer them over without an expectation of a fee or any personal gain. So, it irks me when I refer a candidate over to someone and they are treated poorly. I had recently referred a friend of mine over to a job I saw on LinkedIn. This was an Office Administrator position, and the recruiter reached out and scheduled a call. I was super excited to see that it was moving forward. Later on I found out that when my friend did the phone interview, she was treated very poorly. The first thing this recruiter did was criticize my friend on her resume format and the second thing the recruiter asked was the salary expectations were. I know we are all busy but this is still an industry for relationships. There are so many conversations I have everyday, where I know this is not the right candidate but I still take the time to talk to them. It’s the way I would like to be treated if I were a candidate. Who knows I might get a referral out of it that I could place or just build that relationship. Referrals are like the Goose that lays the golden egg, you want to keep getting the daily eggs and not kill the Goose. Here are 3 things to do when you receive a referral from someone.

  1. Contact them, no matter when you receive them or whether you could place them or not, just let the referral know.

  2. Treat them just like your other candidates and by that I mean treat them well.

  3. Build the relationship with this referral because they might know other people that could be helpful to you.

At the end of the day, I am a voice on the internet, not the Police so do as you please but know that hard effort results in good outcomes.

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