The negative connotation!

My message today is for HR managers and employers. If you have ever spoken to a career coach or follow enough people on LinkedIn, you have heard people say, don’t talk bad about your previous manager or employer. Why do we as Recruiters, HR Managers and employers get to decide what a candidates experience at a previous employer was like? You should hire someone based on their skill and whether they fit with the team that they are being hired on. If an employee is at a company with bad culture, horrible management and no structure, there is nothing anyone can do to make it positive. If the experience was negative, it was negative. Now a lot of times Employers don’t want candidates to talk negatively about their old employers because they fear that the candidate will talk badly about them as well. So let me ask this, are you that unsure about your culture and managing style that you are that afraid. If I know that the company I work for has a great culture then nothing a candidate says about their previous employer bothers me since I have confidence in my organization and myself. If you reject a candidate because they are speaking negatively about their employer then you really need to look at your management style and your culture because their is a subconscious fear that they might do the same with you. Next time you are about to reject candidate because they are speaking negatively about their current or previous employer, take a good hard look at yourself and your organization and re-evaluate whether it’s the candidate that’s not suitable for you or if it’s your organization and management style that is flawed.

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