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The Monotone You!

I want to tell you a story, about a little girl in India. Her family was not your typical family you see? Her mother and Grandmother were business owners. Her father was a connoisseur of arts and theater who traveled the world for his work. In a time when most families around her were families of Doctors and Engineers with stay at home moms, her family was different. She grew up to be herself. While all the other girls were shy and quiet, she was loud and outgoing. She brought her personality everywhere she went, even though in her heart she was an introvert. She moved to the US and kept doing what she knew best. Then came the corporate world!! Her job while she was still in college. She was told to take her personality down a notch. She obliged. She needed the job. However, after seeing diabolical grey skies, she quit that job. Kept studying and got a job in her field. She sought out companies that would embrace her personality for who she was. If the company didn’t fit, she gathered the courage to seek an employer who did fit her. And so she did. She found company after company who embraced her. That little girl is me! When we are recruiting, you want to seek out people who are different than the norm. We should look at people who don’t go with the flow. Find the diabolical diamond in the rough. The reward beside the compensation is the challenge is not giving up on or ignoring the oddballs. Finding their fit is harder, but equally rewarding if not more so. As Dr. Seuss said “Today you are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is Youer than you.” Don’t let yourself or your candidates miss out on opportunities. Every candidate is different and every client is different. Find the right match for the candidate and the client. That is our job.

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