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The Google Memorandum Conundrum

By now, everyone and their Grandma knows about the Google Memo written by James Damore. Most of us have read it thoroughly, some of us have skimmed through it and others have created their opinions based on other people’s opinions. Let’s first start with the fact that it was a well-written memo, I tried to find any grammatical errors but couldn’t. However, a Rose with any other name is still a Rose, so this memo at the end of the day is still an opinion piece. I loved reading this memo mainly because it gave me the perspective of another person. I  try to expand my horizons by welcoming other differing opinions in the conversations I have with people. This helps me see how another human goes through life and thinks about things. While James tried to pawn this off as a well researched and data backed opinion, it wasn’t. You could smell the misogyny a mile away. Now time for my opinion and this is based on my personal experience. In my eyes Men and Women are very different, not equal or one better than the other, we are different,  in many ways. Then again every person is different than the other. Take my family for example, my mom and grandma were the business minded ones both of them successfully ran a business for almost 2 decades, and my father is the artist. Hands down, the men in my family are better cooks than the women. I am better at computers than my dad and brother. So where does this leave James’s opinion that Men are better technically and women are drawn towards the arts? I truly believe that you grow up to be a product of your nature and nurture. I have always been a wild child, and my father also nurtured that about me, never pushed me towards the more feminine things. And here I am, in my 20s a person who loves wearing dresses but also likes working on her own car. So Mr. James Damore, while I respect other differing opinions, I will have to say that I disagree with you about Men being better technically because they are Men.

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