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The Feedback Momentum

If you are in the recruiting industry, what I am about to say will resonate far too well with you. I recently lost a candidate for a position when he accepted another offer. Now I am not mad at the candidate because I had submitted him for this position back in June and it is now the middle of August. We continued to reach back out to the client but nothing. Three weeks ago they said that their upper management were reviewing the resumes, and I relayed that information to the candidate. It had been three weeks but still no word from the client as to what they wanted to do, and we informed them(client) that the candidate had accepted another offer. And they were shocked that the candidate was off market. I have said this before and I will say it again, this is a candidate driven market. A good candidate will not be on the market for too long, so if it is an urgent need that the company has, they need to start giving feedback quicker. When I was a Corporate Recruiter, I would hound my managers minutes after they had finished their interviews to get feedback. I was called pushy(still am called that) but that didn’t matter to me, getting the feedback to the candidate was more important for me. All the managers have these days is 24-48 hours for providing feedback. I will keep saying this until it starts resonating: It is a candidate driven market, provide feedback. The IT community is fairly small, everyone knows everyone, they will talk about you(the company) to each other. You don’t want them to say bad things, that’s not building a brand.

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