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The Diversity Ferocity

We keep hearing this word “diversity.” It keeps getting thrown around by business leaders, employers and employees alike. But what does it mean? By definition diversity means “showing a great deal of variety; very different.” So what does it mean in the workplace? Does it mean that we should have equal number of employees from each race, age, gender, etc? We know that doesn’t work, look at countries with quota system where you will be hired based on filling a certain number of spots for your “classification” rather than your skill level. I feel Diversity is a very subjective view point. We all think we understand what it means but when asked to define most of us wouldn’t be able to voice our definition. We know the hot mess that is Uber with it’s diversity issues and the Google Memo that got the James fired. As much as I agree that we need more people of color and women in STEM and leadership positions, diversity for the sake of diversity can be detrimental. At the end of the day would you as an employee rather work for a diverse company with no talent or a company that has amazing people to work with? And as a manager would you rather see a team that produces results that happens to be diverse or a diverse team that doesn’t necessarily produce. There is no inferring here that a diverse team wouldn’t produce but it should be a happenstance and not a requirement so to speak. What do you think?

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