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The Control Misconception

When we first start in this industry, one of the few things we are taught is Control. Control over our candidates and clients. They tell us, we need to have control and make sure that the client interviews and hires our candidates, and that the candidate accepts the job. I am here to tell you that it’s all a LIE.. What? People would lie to us? Our employers? No Way… Yes, it’s a lie, there is no such thing as Candidate or Client Control. Saying that we have control over our clients/candidates, is saying that we have control over another human. We can’t control human beings. We aren’t Professor X, so we have no control over what other humans do. What can you do if you don’t have this mythical control over your candidates or clients? You can prepare for the best and the worst. As Recruiters, it’s our job to find out what our client and candidates are doing. When we talk to clients we should ask them, are there other agencies that are currently working on this? Do you have other candidates in the pipeline besides the ones we have sent you. When we talk to our candidates we should ask them about how their job search is going. How many interviews you have had? Where does this position stand in comparison to the other interviews? Always ask the WH questions when you are helping someone make the right match on either end. Next time someone talks about Control in your job, let them know that we are dealing with Human Beings and not Steak Knives and all we can do is prepare for the best and worst case scenario.

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