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The Big Bad Staffing Wolf

Staffing, it’s a necessary evil. The whole industry started based off a need. A need to find the right candidate and find them fast. Of course, every service has a price attached to them. Is there a bad in staffing world? Yes, there is. But like any other industry, it has evolved. Some people love to hate and some people hate to love. Much of staffing is proactive and much of it is reactive. An external recruiter will never take away the job of an internal recruiter and vice versa. Why do we get so much hate? It’s because we are front and center of people’s livelihood. I was in a meeting once when I was an internal recruiter. In this meeting, I mentioned how I was able to see the difference I made in the organization. One of the directors pointed out that it was because I am a recruiter and what I do matters to the organization. He was indeed correct. But are we the bouncer, the partner or the usher? I have spoken to a lot of recruiters, and most of them agree, that we are all three. A recruiter will eliminate the candidates that are not right for that specific role, but a good recruiter will work with you to help you find the right role, even if it’s not with this specific job. All of this to say, that staffing is a necessary evil. It’s needed and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Recruiters, please do us all a favor, call that candidate back. I know you are busy but seriously call that candidate back.

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