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Thank you letters.

They can set you apart. They can be a decisive factor if all else in the candidates is comparable.

But a bad Thank you Letter can also cost you a job.

Yes, you heard me.

If you are writing a Thank You letter, make sure you spelling and grammar are correct.

Now, you might say, my grammar or spelling shouldn’t cost me the job.

Look, we are all adults here with a degree or experience and sometimes both.

If you can’t spell public relations, or manager, I have several questions.

I get it, spelling and grammar is not everyone’s forte. We are not all great literary geniuses. But if you know spelling and grammar are not your forte, have someone proof-read it for you. Put it on grammarly, or word does a great job too.

Checking the boxes is important. You know what’s more important? Making sure that the details are correct when you check those boxes.

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