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Strangling the goose that lays the golden egg!

I love that saying. It’s so true in life, especially in the business world.

Most of the times, we push our top performers or employees to do more. “Well, it makes sense right? If they have come so far, why can’t they just go a little bit further?”

This doesn’t make sense for various reasons.

  1. If you keep pressuring your golden goose to produce more, their productivity will go down. They were able to produce as much as they did because they are excited about the job. If you don’t expect the goose to lay the egg before it’s time for them to, don’t expect your employee to produce results before they can.

  2. Pressuring your golden goose hinders their creativity. You are only going to make your employee resentful. They are going to feel that they HAVE to meet metrics or their jobs are on the line. This pressure will take over and their creative side, you know the side that they used to get that job done, is going to diminish.

Think about it this way, if Voldemort didn’t strangle his top performers which included Bellatrix Lestrange, why are you doing that?

I know you want to see the results. You want more from your employees. But you aren’t going to get that by implementing more metrics, KPI’s, or pressuring them.

Strangling the goose in real life will lead to you losing the employee. And you know what will happen then? They will go to your competitor and lay eggs for them.

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