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Start your own performance reviews

It’s the end of the year, which means holidays and vacation. However, are you paying attention to what’s coming in the horizon?

Yes, I am talking about Performance Reviews. Don’t think about them a week/day before it’s supposed to take place. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to start thinking about your contributions.

I hate lists, but even I have a list. A list of things that you have contributed to. Things you have done. Process you have improved. Money you have saved.

If you can’t give your managers substantial evidence of why you deserve that raise or promotion, why would you expect your managers to fight for you?

Sure, you can claim that a good manager knows his employees performance. You are however assuming that tracking your performance and achievements are the only thing your manager does.

No one is more responsible for your success more than you. If you aren’t willing to put in work in your success, you shouldn’t expect other people to.

Do you also think that you are the only performer on the team? That might be the case in some scenarios but not all. Your manager might have other people under them that they are responsible for.

Before you walk into that performance review meeting, have another meeting. Find out what concerns your manager has about your performance. Some might be a misunderstanding, others might be things out of your control, some might be things you need to improve upon.

This way you will be armed with things to present to your manager. Things you have done to improve yourself. Your performance review is not just about your performance, but it can also be about your personality. What if you are coming across as a jerk to other people?

All these things you need to be prepared for. Make a case, logically of why you are a good employee or even a great one. When things come up during that performance review, don’t take it too emotionally. Take a deep breath, think about it and then respond.

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