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Revengers – The Avengers of Recruiting

“Recruiters shouldn’t be in charge of hiring decisions.”

Umm…. We aren’t.

There was an idea. To assemble worlds worst recruiters and call them “Revengers.” These people will deny every application, no matter how qualified.

Guys, come on. There is no big conspiracy here. Recruiters aren’t in charge of hiring decisions.

Let me explain. When we get a req from the hiring manager. Most of the time there is an intake meeting. The manager tells us exactly what they are looking for.

We try to guide them with expectations.

“No, you can’t have a Senior Accountant with CPA for 55,000/year.”

“Sure I can find you that purple squirrel, it will take me weeks. In the meantime tell me your 3 most important skills.”

After the intake meeting, we post the job, get applicants, source and present them to the managers.

Keep in mind, that we have parameters we have to follow. Otherwise we could lose our jobs.

After the hiring managers review the candidates, we schedule interviews.

Most organizations don’t give recruiters that much power or authority.

We are gatekeepers at best. We can guide, but can’t make decisions.

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