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Resume mistakes you are making

Resume isn’t your audition. It’s the entry that you fill out so you can get the audition, which is your interview.

But if you fill out your application entry wrong, how can you expect to make it to the audition?

Here are a few mistakes you are making

  1. Picture on your resume: CV’s which are usually a lot more detailed have pictures. Unless you are a design or marketing person, don’t put your picture on your resume. This might surprise you, but you are opening yourself up to discrimination. I know, I know, discrimination shouldn’t be a thing. I wished we lived in that world. But we don’t. Why not prepare for the reality?

  2. Resume Length: Most of the time, length’s don’t matter. Unless your resume is 20 pages long. Yes, recruiters have received resumes that are 20 pages long. Look at your career, how relevant is the job you have 20 years ago today? How relevant are the technologies or skills? If you are applying for a job that requires 20 years of experience, keep it, but if the job calls for 10-15 years of experience and you have stuff from 1989, guess what? You are opening yourself up for age discrimination.

  3. Buzzwords: “detail-oriented” “motivated” “mature” all of these words and more are not quantifiable skills. These are skills that people won’t be able to measure until you work for them. Instead, use actual examples of how you saved the company money or improved a process. If you can’t quantify a skill on your resume, don’t put it on there. Use key words from the job description and add them to your resume if you have that skill or technology.

  4. Objective Statement: “Looking for a role in your organization to showcase my skill-set” Well I would hope that’s why you are applying and not just for laughs. You don’t need an objective statement. Your objective is to get the job, and you are working towards it. Instead, replace the objective statement with a summary of your experience in a couple of sentences.

  5. Graduation year and GPA: If you are a professional with more than 3 years of experience, you don’t need your graduation year and GPA. In fact, if you are a recent grad with less than a 3.5 GPA, don’t put your GPA on your resume. It will hurt you. Any time a professional that puts their grad year on their resume and it’s been more than 5 years, you are going to open yourself up to discrimination.

These are 5 things I have noticed over and over again, that people get wrong. I am sure there are more things and most of them being industry specific, but from what I have seen, these are the main culprits in a majority of rejected resumes.

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