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Rejection is part of life. How you deal with rejection is what sets you apart. Rejection is a part of looking for a new job. Whether you are employed or unemployed, there is a chance that you will get rejected. So what do you do when you get that gut sucking email that you didn’t get the job? That job which was perfect for you. They loved you, at least that’s what they said? But you still got that rejection email. Now what? A couple things. Did you put all your efforts in just this one role? or were you also pursuing other roles? Lesson #1 – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I mean it, doesn’t matter if this is your dream role, with your dream company and dream pay. You still need to have options. Lesson #2 – You need to interview them just as much as they are interviewing you. When you get that rejection email or phone call or are even ghosted, take a few minutes or even hours. Gather your thoughts, go grab a beer or go for a run. Go punch something. Meditate. Do something to take your frustrations out. Once you are done letting go of that anger, and disappointment, jump back in. Look for more jobs. Apply with this new found relief. Think about the time that you were rejected by that tinder date, what did you do after the person never called you back? Did you sit there and feel sad for yourself? No, you got back out there and found someone better. Job search is the same way. Don’t just sit there, being and feeling miserable, take control of what you can. Which is applying to new jobs and interviewing your best.

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