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Recruiting Scams!

Scams are on a rise.

We have all heard of IRS scam, where people call pretending to be an IRS agent.


This year, scammers are pretending to be managers and bosses asking for gift cards from employees urgently. Always double check with your manager if that email is from them.

But these scammers have now bled over to employment. People are pretending to be employers, posting fake jobs, sending emails about jobs that don’t exist.

How do you as a job seeker know whether this job is real or not?

1. Ask for their company name and their contact information.

2. Don’t give any PII to anyone at all. There is no reason for them needing it until they do a background check. No giving any part of your SSN, DOB, Address, Mother’s maiden name or anything that can lead to your identity being stolen.

3. If they say they are a third party recruiting agency, do research on the agency and ask who the end client is. Do research on the client’s site and see if this job is posted.

4. Ask questions, no need to be a jerk about it, but just ask questions. Don’t assume they are doing good or bad, you will have to determine that after a few conversations.

Always be vigilant. 

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