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Recruiting is sales!

Well, that’s a gross oversimplification. Would you also say that a brain surgeon is the same as a dentist? Is there sales in recruiting? Yes, there is. But that’s not the end of it. If you are going to oversimplify you can do that to anything. I talk about this from experience. I have done sales, insurance sales, MLM sales, cutco sales, logistics sales, ticket sales and recruiting sales. When you are “selling” something, an object, once you have sold it, it’s no longer your problem. You leave the “management” to customer service or someone else. Plus, selling an object, you know exactly what you are selling. If you are selling knives, you know that the knives will show up in a certain condition. If they don’t the customer can always get a new pair. In Recruiting, it’s much more difficult than that. You talk to 100s of candidates every week. You then interview via Skype or in person. You do a reference check. You present them to the right clients. The clients may or may not like them. If the clients like them, they can make them an offer. The candidate may or may not accept the offer. The client can back out. The candidate can’t pass the background check. The candidate accepted but isn’t going to start. The candidate isn’t working out or the candidate doesn’t like working at their new employer.

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