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Pre-Post graduation job search!(3) We have talked about resumes and internships(Link above). Time for something much more important. Your LinkedIn profile. Why do you need a LinkedIn Profile? What should be on your LinkedIn Profile. Let’s start with why. LINKEDIN is the business Facebook. When you apply for an internship or a job, the recruiter will look you up on LinkedIn. In a world where “fake” candidates are a real thing, it’s important to have an updated LinkedIn Profile. Now, time for the What. Your profile needs to be complete. I reached out to a couple ASU students I am connected with. I am going to feature them here and what I liked about them. Few basics: Name, Picture, Headline, Summary, experience, education, volunteering, accomplishments, skills/endorsements and recommendations. Name: Well, this one is obvious. This is your name. Your legal name, first and last. You can add any names that you are known by. My name consists of my tag – “The Frustrated Recruiter” Picture: This doesn’t need to be a professional head shot. It can be a selfie, or a picture you take with your phone. Keep in mind, most flagship phones these days can and do take some really nice pictures. Your picture should be you and showcase your personality. Your profile should have a profile and background picture. Here is an example of mine. 

Screenshot 2018-01-15 15.17.54
Screenshot 2018-01-15 15.17.57
Screenshot 2018-01-15 15.18.17
Screenshot 2018-01-15 15.18.06
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