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Pre-Post graduation job search!(1)

The next few articles are going to focus on college grads. Many of us went through some sort of college. When we were close to graduating, we were sent to Career Services. Oh that walk! I remember that vividly even though it’s been sometime. I made my appointment and arrived 15 minutes early. My career services counselor was a very nice person who had been at his job for 10 years. That made the cynical me question how much this person actually knew about the job search and what was right in the industry. When you are closer to graduation, people tell you about getting a “Real” job. You know, because the jobs that you have had in college were all fake that just happened to pay you REAL money. All cynicism aside, let’s get ahead of the curve. You need to have an internship in your field of study. This will give you experience that will be invaluable when you are going to graduate and look for a job. The days when Interns were just people who fetched coffee or did menial tasks around the office are mostly gone. These days interns are utilized in the area they want and do specialize. But you have to stand apart. You need a good resume and an updated LI profile. The do’s and don’ts is a whole another article content. Stay tuned.

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