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Post Layoff job search!

In the last week more than 60,000 people have been laid off. If you are one of these let me first say I'm sorry. What you're going through is nothing short of a devastating life event. You need to grieve. Take as much time as you need to grieve the loss of your income, work, sometimes even purpose.

Yes, your job search will need to start. However, you also need to look into whether your state provides unemployment insurance to people who have been laid off. This information should be available on your state's website. I also found this website through the DOL website where you can easily find out about your local/state UI benefits.

No matter how long you need for the grievance process, you need to apply for unemployment (when eligible) immediately.

Your next step will be updating your LinkedIn profile. You likely haven't updated it in a while. Here are 5 steps that you can take today:

  • Your headline - this includes your job title(if you're changing your field your new job title). "Healthcare recruiter with 7 years of experience recruiting both clinical and operations roles."

  • About section - This is where you will talk at a high level about your in depth work experience. Have you only done tech? Are you a niche recruiter and you want to stay that way? Are you a recruiter that can learn basically any job family? You'll talk your numbers here too. How many hires did you have last year? What's the average number of hires per year?

  • Experience - If you're like me, your current experience section doesn't have anything in the body of your roles. This needs to change. This is where you'll not only talk about your achievements and roles you filled but also talk about other projects that you might have worked on.

  • Skills - Add your top 10-15 skills. The limit is 50, you don't need that many skills.

  • Recommendations - If you haven't already done this you need to request recommendations from your peers and business partners. Don't be shy! It's like Rowena Ravenclaw says, "If you know, you need only ask." Ask because you know you'll need it.

Updating your LinkedIn profile is going to be a great way to get recruiters reaching out to you. It also makes recruiters and hiring managers job easier to identify whether you're qualified for the role or not.

Next is your Resume.

  • Contact information - Name, email, phone number, LinkedIn Profile. You can add your city, state, zip but not your home address.

  • Summary - 3-5 sentence paragraph of who you are and what you've done. Remember, words like dedicated, professional, detail-oriented are fluff words and don't belong in your resume.

  • Skills - Your top skills as an employee. Don't self-rate. It's not necessary and the other party can't quantify it while just looking at your resume.

  • Experience - Make sure you use data and ROI. The top 2-3 bullets should be about achievements. You can add additional duties under each role but make sure you add how you made an impact rather than just listing your duties.

  • Education/certifications/Licenses - School, degree, Level of degree is what you need. Unless you're a new-grad with no work experience leave the year you got your degree off your resume.

That's all you need in your resume. No need to mention your hobbies, or anything about your references.

I will say this till the end of time, your resume DOESN'T have to be 1 page.

Once you have these main things set up, create a goal for yourself. Don't apply everywhere, you'll burn yourself out.

My recommendation is 3-5 applications submitted a day. Take a break between each application. Walk away from your desk, go do something that brings you joy.

After you're done applying, you will want to network with recruiters and hiring managers at these companies. Here are some handy guides on how to network by two of my favorite recruiters, try different approaches, see which ones land you a conversation.

When I was searching, I had tracking mechanisms in place. For me what worked was saving the resume on my computer as tejal_wagadia_resume_CompanyName. But if you're an excel person, here's one that might work for you.

You can copy and create a version for yourself. Once you've done that, feel free to customize it for yourself.

Remember to take a break often and as needed. This will be a marathon and not a 5k. You don't want to burn out at mile 10.

Until next time,

Stay Caffeinated!

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