• Tejal Wagadia

Picture on your resume

Should you have your picture on your resume?

The short answer is No.

Now you might ask “Why not?”

Here is the long answer.

Because you are opening yourself up for rejection. When you apply, there are a few things the recruiter and hiring manager needs to know. None of them are what you look like.

We are human beings and our biases are almost always front and center. Unless one works on not making them front and center.

Putting your picture, lets the other person judge you on the basis of your looks. This is because when you add your picture, your picture is the first thing they see and that will be the biggest thing on their mind while looking at your background.

What you as a job seeker want is for the recruiter and hiring manager to judge you based on your skills and experience.

Let them decide without knowing what you look like whether your are a good fit.

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