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Phone Interview 102

You are done with the phone interview. You kicked butt and did amazing. Or you didn’t do as well as you thought you could have. And are now kicking yourself. Now what? What to do? These are two very different scenarios. Both require a different strategy with similar tools You want to make sure you send a thank you note to all parties included. If you don’t have their email address, send it to the recruiter and ask them to pass it along. Make sure you address it to all the people you spoke with. This is where the note taking will come in handy. When interviewing with people, make sure to write down the person’s name. You can send in a hand written note, but that usually takes time. It does set you apart, but it might not get there before they make the decision. Unless you deliver it yourself. If the interview went well, you want to thank the interviewers for their time. Re-iterate what sets you apart and why you are excited about the role. This includes your research on the company and what you learned during the interview. It’s simple. You want to send this within a 24 hour window so you are still fresh in their minds. Let’s say you didn’t do so well during the interview, what to do now? Was there a question that you missed or weren’t able to answer as well? Or you were nervous and were rambling? This Thank you note could be your saving grace. Once again you want to thank them for their time. Then address what you thought went wrong. If you were rambling, apologize for rambling and tell them how excited you were about the role. Say you didn’t answer a question as well as you could have, answer it on the email. Be short and concise. No one likes to read lengthy emails. If you didn’t like the organization, just thank them for their time, let them know you want to pass on it and why you want to pass on it. A thank you note is simple but it CAN be what sets you apart.

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