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Phone Interview 101

You have done everything right. You passed the ATS, YAY! Now the recruiter wants to schedule a phone interview with you. What to do now? A few things to make sure you nail the interview. First and foremost, research. Research the company, the interviewer, what the company goals are, what they have been doing. This is a time to not only show your skills but also show your interest in the company. Make sure you are available for the time of the interview and are in a quiet place with no distractions. Parents, we understand you have kids. And Kids are finicky and can’t be controlled. But if you have been given the proper amount of notice, try and find someone to watch your child while you give this interview. This isn’t about the lack of empathy on the recruiters part. Because we can empathize, but the fact that we can’t hear you is completely different. Plus it shows lack of preparation on your part. Make sure you are reachable. If you live in an area where the cell service is spotty, you can find a place where it isn’t and take the call there. Have questions prepared for the interviewer. One of my favorite question to ask and be asked is “what are the next steps?” But this shouldn’t be the only question you ask. Have some specific questions related to the job and company prepared. Remember the research you did earlier? This is where it will be useful. Have a pen and notepad handy. Take down notes. Don’t write complete sentences but just write down key important things that were mentioned. But above all make sure that you speak clearly. I cannot tell you how many times I call candidates and they mumble. I let them know that I can’t hear them and they still continue to mumble. You know your resume and skills better than anyone else. You are the one who can talk about it the best. These are the basics of a good phone interview. Each time you interview, there will be additional things you do based on the interviewer but these should almost always be applicable.

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