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Perfect Candidate

If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content. – Leo Tolstoy   I wish more employers would heed this quote. Just like a perfect job doesn’t exist, a perfect candidate also doesn’t exist. As external recruiters, it’s our job to have hard conversations. both with companies and candidates. Sometimes those conversations include the fact that the hiring managers have unrealistic expectations. We can’t all have a solid Java Developer with an outgoing personality and 15 years of experience who has worked with all the latest technologies, but only want to pay 110k/year and don’t want to sponsor. Sometimes, something’s gotta give. You, as the hiring manager are looking for a Sr. .Net Developer and don’t want to sponsor. Welcome to the club! As the world is evolving, so are the employees. They know their worth. They know that if you aren’t treating them fairly, or are abusing them, they can find a new job. You, as the company, can’t have your cake and eat it too. The perfect candidate is often not attainable. We let our biases take control of our decision making and loose candidate that would be great at the job. Next time, when you are the interviewer, let go of the checklist you have and see where that takes you. Unemployment is falling, and it’s falling faster for highly skilled candidates. Soon, you might not have candidates to chose from.

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