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“Per my last email…”

Email is basically life when you’re in a recruiting role that primarily deals with contacting mass quantities of candidates in a short amount of time. Because of that short time frame that we have to hire folks, sometimes the easiest thing to do is send out a generic email explaining the basics of the job and the minimum requirements. At that point, when a candidate responds I know they’ve read my email that told them the pay, the hours, and some descriptions of the positions.

Also when a candidate responds, I somewhat expect them to actually read the email (joke’s on me for that one). But when I send an email stating “pay is $12/hr” and you respond with “what’s the pay?”, I come to a decision that you cannot read and/or cannot be bothered to read something an employer is telling you. If you ever receive the “per my last email” response from me, you’d be better off just retracting your application at that point.

It might be harsh to some, but with the amount of applicants I need to get through in a day to meet goals I need to limit the back and forth as much as possible. Please…read…the email 🙂 it can NEVER hurt you, and it might save us both some time.

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