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Part-Time Professionals (2)

Cont. from Part-Time Professionals How can you be a Part-Time Recruiter, was one of the questions I got from the last post. Well you can start with being a Sourcer. The word sourcer, isn’t recognized by any dictionary as a real word. But that’s what the word is in the industry. A sourcer’s role can depend from company to company. But for the most part, their job is to search for candidates and hand the candidates over to the recruiters. This can be done on a part-time basis, and/or remotely. People make a lot of money sourcing for other recruiters or companies. Some companies pay good sourcers in six figures as a full-time employee. Now, how do you become a sourcer? and how can you be good at it? A sourcers main job is to provide qualified candidates from all avenues to the recruiters so that the recruiters can then contact the candidates. A lot of sourcers use avenues that traditional recruiters won’t use, i.e. reddit, specific sites for professionals, etc. They are really good at using the key necessary skills and finding a pool of candidates. Their entire job depends on creatively finding the purple squirrels or the unicorns. I started my career in tech recruiting as a sourcer and was the best training I could have received. You can start here as a part-timer and figure out whether this industry is really right for you. If it is, you can convert to full-time. If not, you can move on and find something different.

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