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Outsourcing your recruitment

Recently, I have received a lot of messages and spoken to a lot of candidates who have told me about companies that outsource their recruitment.

No, not in the US to a staffing company. To another country. Where people don’t speak the language.

Me being me, I asked if these individuals are actually from these organizations. I asked the candidates how much research did they do on this person.

Many of them had looked these people up and yes, they were working at these organizations. LI, email address, company directory all checked them out.

Which isn’t the end of the world. We live in a global market. But what is interesting is the candidate experience from these recruiters.

Remember the call center craze? Where you would get a person from India or China and they would pretend they were in the US? This is similar to that but this time we know the truth.

Many of these candidates are getting worse experience than they did in the past with recruiters who are in the same country. Now am I saying all of these recruiters are bad? But what happens when you operate your recruiting department similar to your sales department?

Your candidates suffer. They get left behind, forgotten, not followed up with. The experience for a lot of candidates is bad as it is, why make it worse?

Am I saying that remote recruiters aren’t a good thing? No, that’s not it. It’s not the recruiter’s fault they have these terrible KPI’s to keep up with.

You can work from Mars for all that matters. The long distance charges will be interesting to see. The location of the person doesn’t matter.

What matters is their training. What do they know about the role? Are they prepared for the roles? Have you invested in training individuals to give your candidates the same if not better experience than they would get in the US? Or are you just trying to fill your roles no matter the candidate experience?

In the long run, it will not be beneficial. Candidates will be turned off.

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