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Negative Feedback

I hear this so often, “I want some feedback, even if it’s that I didn’t get a job.” I get this. Closure is important. But let me ask you this, how many of us can really take the negative feedback? Right now you will say, “I absolutely can take negative feedback, I have no issues with criticism.” Take a moment and think about last time someone told you something that would be considered as negative feedback. How did you react? Replay it in your head. I want you to think about your emotions when that person was saying those words/sentences. Were you angry? Defensive? Hurt? All of the above? Did you immediately think of ways on how the other person was wrong, and you couldn’t wait for them to finish so you could tell them how wrong they were? If you answered yes to any of the above, I have some news for you. You have some work to do. You can’t take negative feedback or constructive criticism that well. On the other side, were you calm? Composed? Did you listen to the other person? Truly listen and not just listen to respond? If you were in this boat, I say, Good job.  Why am I talking about this right now? Because I have had to give feedback that wasn’t 100% what the candidate was expecting. I had to tell them that they had better candidates. That there is nothing wrong with the candidate, but the client went in another direction. Most of the times, they take it with grace, since they received some feedback. Then there are times when the candidates will block me on LinkedIn. If you are doing this, please know that this isn’t a good look on you. Burning a bridge is almost never worth it. Have I burned bridges? Absolutely. I burned them and then cooked hot dogs on them. But most of the time I don’t. Because you never know when you will need the other person.

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