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Mistaken mistakes

To err is to human, to forgive, divine – Alexander Pope. This quote is always with me. Especially when I make mistakes. I used to be a perfectionist. It has to be the best candidate that matches the skill-set 100%. I can’t afford to make mistakes. But isn’t that what makes us human? This was 5 years ago when I first started recruiting. Since then, I have learned a lot. Working in corporate America, you can’t afford to make mistakes. For so long, I had anxiety about my mistakes. People get all holier than thou when you make a mistake. It’s like they never have made a mistake. I have been fortunate enough to have good bosses, but it’s when other people from other department come and yell at you for a simple thing. Or they humiliate you in front of everyone. You start getting panic attacks, anxiety attacks, migraines. This was at least true for me. I couldn’t afford any more mistakes. What if my job is on the line? There is this fear of losing the job and your livelihood. That definitely kept me on my toes. But the thing is when you scare an already scared person, most of the time you will only make it worse. When your employee makes a mistake, there is no reason to make it an end all be all. We all make mistakes. Think about the time, you made a mistake, and your manager forgave you and you felt grateful. Or the time, they didn’t forgive you and you felt awful. You as the manager now have two choices, either repeat what happened to you, good or bad or do something differently. You can find hundreds of people to do that job but to find one that does it with a passion for your company, that’s rare. Choose your actions carefully, because they help shape someone’s life and experience.

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